Application Directions

The scholarship application is available from your school counselor and is in fillable Adobe PDF® format.  Applicants will need to have access to a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed. By saving the scholarship application file, and opening it in Adobe Acrobat Reader® students will be able to fill out the application on a computer. 

ATTENTION:  Please be aware that when completing the Cotillion for Achievement scholarship application form, the integrity of the form must be maintained, (i.e., the allotted space for each area to be completed must be maintained as in the original application). If the application is altered in any way, the application will be disqualified and, thus, not be eligible for evaluation. This includes using only the front side of each page, and no additional pages added. Two identical copies of the application must be submitted.

  Applicants must check with their counselor to see how much lead time will be required in order for the counselor to prepare the forms for submission. However, applications are  due about mid-October. (Due October 14, 2017)

Click on the link below to access the application:

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