Selection Criteria

 Selection of Finalists and Program Requirements:

Ten young men and ten young women, seniors in Andrew and Buchanan County schools, are selected to participate in this prestigious program each fall. Please note: Only students attending classes on the campus of an Andrew or Buchanan County high school are eligible to apply. (See our By-Laws web page for more information…to be posted soon.)

Applications are due to the Selections Committee Friday, October 31, 2015, delivered by 5:00 p.m. Check with your school counselor for the due date at your school. To ensure complete impartiality, each application is screened for specific information that would identify either the applicant’s school or the individual applicant. Any such information found is removed by the Selections Committee. Each application is assigned a number, and the judges score the applications knowing only the application number. An applicant shall never have been married nor shall their parent/guardian be a current member of the scholarship board.

The applications are judged by five anonymous judges representing:

  1. The faith community
  2. Volunteerism
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. The current Cotillion for Achievement Board.

Judging criteria:

  • 30% academics,
  • 30% extra-curricular activities
  • 30% community service/involvement
  • 10% essay

In early January the 20 finalists are presented to the public at a reception. Soon after the reception a series of seminars are presented for the finalists. The seminars, titled Adventures in Achievement, are designed to enhance their leadership and social skills and to encourage extensive community involvement. Experiences with community leaders out in the community are usually included. Participation in these seminars is a vital part of this unique scholarship program and attendance is required.

Individual interviews are conducted at the end of the scheduled seminars with the same judges that reviewed the written applications. The interviews are scored on a possible 100 points and include evaluation of verbal and non-verbal communication as well as attendance reports for the Adventures in Achievement seminars. These interviews determine the top male and top female recipients.

Cotillion for Achievement, the final event:

An evening formal dinner-dance is held after the workshops and interviews are completed. Finalist attendance is required at this event in order to receive the scholarship. In addition to the scholarships the top male and top female finalists are announced. These two top recipients are each presented the Award of Distinction.

Scholarship Levels:

  • Award of Distinction – $1,800 [top male and female]
  • Finalist – $700 [18 other students]

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